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    Here are few appreciation from our visitors

    It’s slicker, more imaginative, more navigable.
    Harish Bhimani – Mumbai, India

    lot of graphics uhave used… seems to be a cool site
    Nabayan – TMG Power, Mumbai, India

    It is
    Mayank Dixit – Kota, India

    I like Glam Sham Very much Because I M in this Music Line so I like it very Much By Heart… I want to contribute Something for this Great Web Site……
    Chiranjiv Pal Singh – Mohali, India

    Do not think what is oyou thinking thinks, because if you think that what is your thinking is thinking then you will come to know that THERE WAS NOTHING TO THINK.
    Sunny Sharma – Rohtak, India

    Love visiting your site .I am searching for my old friend Lalit Parimoo- The T.V.Star. Please give me his E-mail add. or ask him to contact me.
    Rahul Gupta – Jodhpur, India

    I am glad to become a member of the glamsham community.
    Santosh Shetye – Mumbai, India

    glamsham is one of the best entertainment sites I have visited
    Sanav Kumar – Naina Vihar, India

    Hey guys u r going very great so keep it up
    Sachin Malhotra – New Delhi, India

    It is a very informative site
    Yash – Kanpur, India

    I view this side every week. I usually view photos and galaries of actors. I love the designing way of this site.
    sumit dhewajoo – Khatmandoo, Nepal

    After complete a huge hardwork when I see this I feel it very cool.
    Pushpendu Dawn – New Delhi

    I came to know that there is lot of oppertunities to gain extra power form glamsham.com
    Suresh – India

    I feel it is a good site for bollywood.
    Tripat Jain – Cochin, India

    An excellent website designed by glamsham with all kinds of entertainment packed in it
    Nitika Koshla – New Delhi, India

    Keep up the good work and keep us up on all the hot gossips
    Sahari – manama, Bahrain

    Excellent sites for all types of enjoyment
    Vishal Sharma – Kolkata, India.

    Hi glam sham team thanks for put this extraordinary site on the net thanx again
    Darmesh Shawani – Surat, India

    This is first day to open this site. in my first look it is good.
    Harish Bhardvaj – Gandihnagar, India

    Its really mind blowing!
    Denzil Lasrado – Mumbai, India

    Very good site for online checking of events
    Pendse Anil – Navi Mumbai, India

    i like this site very much and i everyday day visit it for all my plays and movie problems . thank u glamsham.
    Wajahat Kaladia – Mumbai, India

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